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Welcome to the next generation of Crypto faucet technology

In just a couple of easy steps you’ll be ready to claim your first reward deposit!

  • 1) Download the Brave Browser hereIt only takes a few seconds and will help you learn about crypto.
  • 2) Download the easy to use Exodus wallet to get your Tezos wallet address here: Mobile or Desktop.

Once you complete these steps, log back into your account on the Brave browser and you’ll be ready to start getting free crypto every day!

If you need more detailed instructions outlining the steps to get your Tezos address from the wallet, you can go here.

Our goal is to help you make money! In the process, you can compete with friends, engage with profitable crypto projects, and have fun, all while earning free crypto! Remember, 20% of every dollar in profits goes to support children in orphanages. 

Globalhive’s platform will help position you ahead of the rest of the world and get you in on the blockchain revolution before they all catch on.

P.S. Once you complete the above steps, we will send you an exclusive invitation to a virtual competition where you can win $200 USD!


  • architect62 August 13, 2020

    Claim Free Crypto Daily – GlobalHive Official Faucet Website

  • visiblee August 29, 2020


  • lee jay cant September 16, 2020


    exds walet for ZEC t1Mx8Sx3n4Bezht8o2gHQxwAmgTkstm7owW – plese trf into t1Mx8Sx3n4Bezht8o2gHQxwAmgTkstm7owW

    emal me to confm you did trf


  • rahimezmir October 3, 2020

    Very good

  • saed October 10, 2020

    best site

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