Help orphans and make money in crypto in the process


With the economy going the way it is we think this will be more attractive than ever. By registering on the site, you qualify to receive random amounts of free cryptocurrency everyday.

Ever wonder if there was a way to help those in need while helping yourself at the same time? Well now, you can because of Globalhive’s new program to help orphans!

The crypto fountain Globalhive has recently implemented a program where $2 of every $10 in profit goes to support orphanages. Ultimately, the goal is to assist and help get them placed into healthy families. 

Purpose. Community. Income.

Now, you can make money and help the helpless by providing them an opportunity at a brand new beginning.

If you haven’t already done so, why not register and open your own rewards account? The Globalhive fountain offers much more, including:

  • daily rewards
  • incentivized rewards
  • special promotions
  • games
  • social networking
  • and more!

Limited Time Bonus

Remember, there’s no better feeling than to make some money knowing your efforts are benefiting others. What better way to work than knowing you are providing care to help orphans in need.

By signing up, you can generate an income and change a child’s life at the same time!

You can participate and get started here.


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  • Ibiyo Adedayo Ezekiel July 18, 2020

    I love these kind of things…
    Because is one of my hobbies. And what my friends and I love doing, and we are doing every year….
    I will be glad to receive this organization, which will help in work frevently and fulfilling purpose….

  • osaisonomwan kenneth November 3, 2020

    i love this is a loudable program

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