Easy Steps to get Any Crypto Wallet Address


Globalhive provides a safe and secure environment where daily cryptocurrency rewards are handed out just for visiting the site! We recommend using a reliable and safe crypto wallet for anyone collecting cryptocurrency.

If you don’t yet have a wallet, then follow these simple steps below and you will be on your way to getting one.

If you are on the Globalhive site, you can click the DOWNLOAD FREE WALLET button seen under the CLAIM button on the homepage. We will use ZCash as our example on how to set this up. However, these instructions apply to any crypto currency we will offer on the site.

You can also find the download link to the Exodus wallet here. Download, install, and then set up your personal wallet password.

Once this is done, select wallet form the left menu tab. This will open a search bar where you can type the name of any crypto you would like to add to your wallet. In this case, we are using ZCash (ZEC). Select the RECEIVE button and copy the address that is displayed., as shown below.

Make sure you log in to your Globalhive account using the Brave Browser (You can do a quick Brave download here). Paste the address you just copied from your wallet into the space provided, as shown below.

Select CLAIM and your rewards will be on their way!

Maximize Rewards

Remember, if you confirm your identity through Social Media, we will also increase your daily points.

Referring other people to the site gives you the chance to spin the Rewards Wheel. You can win up to $5 USD for each person you refer that registers. You can find your referral code and enter email addresses in our easy invitation tool here

Want to win $200 USD? Go here and complete a few social tasks.

Position yourself within the platform as a social leader so that when the games, networking and community Super Center open up, you will be set to optimize and maximize your influence.

Thank you for your time, support and for giving children around the world the chance at a fresh start!


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