Like NFTs? Then think MUSE!

Everyone is talking about NFTs right now. And for good reason….they have been steadily positioning themselves to become very valuable in the foreseeable future.

However, one way of investing into them isn’t so much about buying them one at a time, but by investing into the infrastructure that will support them.

Imagine getting in on Uniswap at the ground level..…your investment would be worth a fortune. Their AMM (automated market maker) strategy brought billions in liquidity into the market.

A current problem within the NFT space is valuation on them. There is no one AMM platform to determine proper valuations on differing NFT tokens. One NFT platform that is looking to solve this problem is NFT20. NFT20 is focused on becoming an AMM for the NFT space. Just as Uniswap allows for instant transactions, so NFT20 has developed a unique way in which tokens of differing values can be swapped and sold without individually auctioning them off.

For those who may be interested, the token for the platform is MUSE. If the organization can take the right steps, we believe this token has solid potential in the future because their market cap is only 30 million at this point.
You can see the platform and learn more about it here.


The Globalhive Team

PS. Nothing in this write up is meant to act as financial advice. Investing in any crypto currencies carries certain risks, including having all your investment becoming worthless. Act accordingly.


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