Welcome to the next generation in crypto currency faucet giveaways.


Over the next few weeks, Globalhive users will be introduced to a unique, 21st century Community Super Center. Essentially, our purpose is to provide a way or anyone to make money in cryptocurrency. In this way, we have created a win-win ecosystem for our worldwide members.

As we all know, the COVID-19 outbreak has left many people stuck at home, bored, with a loss of their income.

We aim to solve this problem and bring hope to our users by introducing many exciting features. Ultimately, social interaction, fun innovative games, providing extra income, allowing networking opportunities, and supplying quality entertainment.

Faucet, 2.0

Nowadays, crypto giveaways are known as a crypto currency faucet. Traditionally, these models currently force you to view many cluttered ads, questionable products and services, with limited crypto rewards.

Globalhive removes all these dirty inconveniences. Truly, our goal is to provide a clean, safe and direct way for everyone to have fun while earning as much cryptocurrency as they like.   

It’s launch marks the birth of a new age in faucets. Above all, this innovative reshaping is a Faucet, 2.0, or Crypto Fountain as we call it. 

Need a job?

We can indirectly give you one.

The original BTC faucets gave away 5 BTC per day. In today’s market that equates to tens of thousands of dollars daily. Therefore, we strongly recommend getting your hands on as much crypto as possible, because no one knows what the next BTC might be.

Globalhive allows you to earn and win cryptocurrencies that can explode in value just like Bitcoin did – easily and effectively. Importantly, you will earn even more by following special Globalhive promotions and by proactively referring friends and family members.

Need some fun or social interaction?

Globalhive can  provide it!

Come and see how our platform will intuitively allow you to connect with millions of other users around the globe. Lastly, our gamification options help you find a fun reason to be online, each and every day!

Make sure to sign up and reserve your spot in the platform today!